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High School Students Working on Guided Inquiry Chemistry Lessons Your students can spend most of their time DISCUSSING and TEACHING each other chemistry!

Teaching chemistry by guided inquiry is simple!

The following link will take you to the Unit 5 materials: Intermolecular Forces. Please evaluate all of the materials for the unit.
You will find ChemQuests, Skill Practice assignments, review sheets, video explanations, and labs. To maintain test security
I did not post the test for the unit. Note: Tests and Labs are included in "Package B." Tests, labs, and videos are included
in "Package C." See the order page for more details.

Click here to view the Unit 5 sample

High School Students Working on Guided Inquiry Chemistry Lesson
More sample lessons to download:

Examples of the lessons in the Constructing Chemistry curriculum.

ChemQuests (Main Lessons)

Skill Practice

Chemistry Inquiry #13: Structure of Atoms

Skill Practice #13

Chemistry Inquiry #16: Electron's Address

Skill Practice #16

Chemistry Inquiry #57: Intro. to Reaction Rates

Skill Practice #57

For helpful information about how ChemQuests are designed and how to implement them in the classroom click here.